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Baby Carriers Supporting Deaths in Custody.

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At Deaths in Custody we rely heavily on our supporters and thankfully the amazing baby company have been there for us.

Today, the market is full of baby carriers in different designs and prices. Many brands with different suggestions and price range can make your choice difficult. The final decision will depend on the personal use mainly after quality.  In other words, in which position you like to have the baby, the young’s age and the daily personal activities.

Baby carriers are not advised for the newborns or for babies who are not able yet to hold their head up steadily.

However, they are suitable for older ones for nice walks but not to the extreme, like hiking!

A rather fashionable baby carrier is the Moby Carrier! This certain model has a special design that offers great safety and comfort to the baby and yourself.

The little one’s weight is well dispersed in the holder‘s body, thus none of the two will face pains or stresses especially in the spine.  So, both parties will be able to enjoy some daily activities together!


  • The choice of three positioning places, front, hip and back.
  • A revolutionary and healthy design for the baby’s right body development.
  • Excellent infant weight distribution.
  • Rather long time usage, from early age to preschool until 18 kg.
  • Adjustable and sturdy straps for most sizes.
  • Extra waist extender.
  • An attachable and extendable sleeping hood to keep the baby’s head steady while sleeping.
  • For lumbar support, a padded waist belt would be an additional advantage.
  • Strong and thick shoulder padding straps.
  • Packaging with a design.
  • Well explained usage information.

Many manufacturers provide inserts along with the baby carrier in order to offer extra cautioning for the baby’s sensitive body development! Also, as fur as the padding is concerned, it must be 100% cotton, machine washable and removable at the age of five months old.


Certain precautions need to be kept in mind from parents in relation to baby carriers.

  1. Choose a carrier with strong wide and sturdy straps for safety and comfort.
  2. In case of a sport activity like biking, do not carry the infant in a hip carrier.
  3. Stop using the baby backpack if is partly damaged. Better use the warranty!
  4. For hygiene safety, buy a carrier that can be easily and frequently cleaned. Neither the parent nor the baby needs to be exposed to germs and bad odors.
  5. Lastly, after using your logic when buying a carrier, just follow the instructions.  You will be fine and you will enjoy many walks with your precious baby!

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